Message from the Head Girl and Head Boy

May Brittenden

Tring Park has been my ‘home from home’ since I was thirteen and during the past four years I have been part of a most remarkable community that has offered me an opportunity of a lifetime. The term ‘school for the performing arts’ certainly fails to sum up all that Tring offers. Indeed, it offers an exceptional ‘performing arts’ training but it also excels in delivering a stimulating and well-rounded academic education. All of which are supported by the exceptional pastoral department.

It is not only the education on offer that makes the school so unique, but also the pupils and staff who all share a common enthusiasm, dedication and passion for their subjects. This inevitably results in an exciting and bustling environment which is truly inspirational, inducing an infectious drive in vocational and academic studies alike. With a range of GCSE and A level subjects on offer, I certainly feel that Tring has given me every academic opportunity possible and catered to my individual needs in offering an enticing curriculum enhanced by the remarkable learning support team.   

The close knit family that is Tring Park offers a network of support and Iifelong friends, creating an atmosphere that induces the best in you as a person. Through the long and enduring days, the pastoral staff are loving, endless in their support and comfort to ensure you make the most of this remarkable journey. Upon starting Tring, the prospect of boarding was incredibly daunting and unknown to me. However, instantaneously I was greeted by the warmth and tenderness of both pupils and staff as they welcomed me to the Tring family. That family feel remains with me today and I know that I will always regard my years at Tring with love and affection. Therefore in my final year, as Head Girl, it is an honour for me to represent such an amazing school that is so special to me.

My time at Tring Park has been so rewarding, not only due to the invaluable education I have received or the skills I have been equipped with but also due to the people I have met and friendships formed, all of which I will cherish forever. Tring is said to create ‘people’, not simply grades or qualifications, but individuals - ‘good company members’. I’m honored to have shared my life with Tring Park as it has shaped and formed me into the person I am today, someone I’m very proud to be.

Joe Hughes

Going to a boarding school for the first time at fourteen years old was incredibly nerve wracking. Not only is it frightening to start any new school (whether it specializes in performing arts or not), but it didn’t settle the nerves knowing how I would be joining mid-term, or that my parents would be living a plane journey away!

Despite my anxiety and overwhelming feeling of nervousness, surprisingly my first day at Tring Park was anything but stressful. From the moment I walked through the school gates there was an incredible passionate buzz of energy and life from everyone and it wasn’t long until I felt completely at ease. Now four years down the line, that same buzz hasn’t wavered, and I can honestly say that it has without a doubt been an absolutely remarkable experience offering a high standard of academic education, which equally runs alongside my vocational training.

The academic department offers a wide range of A-Level and GCSE options covering numerous subjects, allowing me to choose the multiple A-Levels of; Theatre Studies and Drama, English Literature, and Film Studies, which I believe will help to build a platform for my interest in play/script writing for the future. Whilst writing is not necessarily my first career choice, these A Levels I believe will act as a safety net for my hopeful acting career and demonstrates Tring Park’s ability to support both vocational as well as  academic dreams.

I joined the Theatre Arts course in the Third Form, and progressively moved on to the Performance Foundation course for the Fourth and Fifth Form. This has provided me with a strong foundation in all three disciplines of performing. For my last two years I have been on the Acting Course, which has taught me an unbelievable amount of technique, performance experience, knowledge of theatre and film, and even offers the opportunity to take on directorial, film making, and script writing roles. All the while, the students still manage to achieve a high standard of academic education through the outstanding dedication and work ethic present in all the students and teachers.

The passionate community of the school couldn’t be described as anything but a family, and I believe this creates the perfect atmosphere for creativity and individuality to flourish. Combine this with our incredibly enthusiastic teachers and you have a recipe which creates constant inspiration for all students to become the very best versions of themselves they could possibly be.

Tring Park is a place I truly love, and I am incredibly grateful and honoured to be able to represent it as Head boy. After all, it’s not often you find a school you actually enjoy attending!  

Life at Tring Park


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